Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sex is Good!

As a pretty open Pagan it is no secret what my views on Sex are. Pagans believe sex (married, unmarried, gay, straight, etc) to be good... in fact, great. It's a healthy expression of both physical needs and emotional bonds.

And studies (apparently) agree with us. Women's Health Magazine (see link below) discusses sex and marriage, and (contrary to popular belief and Bush's old "abstinence education" agenda) discusses studies that show that a steady 93-94% of women (and I assume men too) have sex before marriage, and 60% shack up beforehand (as opposed to 40% only 20 years ago). Does that mean their marriages are doomed to failure? Nope. Divorce is on the decline (43% today versus 48% 30 years ago).

So more of us are shacking up, the same are fornicating, and less of us are getting divorced.
Premarital sex is just fine.

So for the love of the gods people, go have sex and enjoy yourselves.

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