Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Occult Wisdom or Modern Science: You decide.

I was talking to a friend recently about places where advanced science and occult concepts overlap. Why do occultists still look at outdated modes of thought and "magical thinking" when modern science has obviously "proven them wrong?"

The answer is that modern science has not discounted magical or occultic thinking, it only cautions that testable methods needs to be used in order to confirm theories. And while some sections of science use the occult's un-testable assertions to discredit it, there are other scientific bodies and people still looking seriously at occult and magical concepts.

I just found this video that has a lecture by Michael Persinger, a doctor and neuroscientist at Laurentian University, that covers sort of what we're talking about. Here he discusses an occult concept called the "collective unconscious" or "akashic records," ancient ideas that basically said that all of man was connected and that we could access the memories and knowledge of every other human being past and present by learning how to tap that connection. Here is this neuroscience doctor discussing the science behind that concept. He looks at magnetic influences on the brain during remote viewing, as well as shared memories and thoughts.

Dr. Persinger even shows results from studies where students were subjected to the electrical impulses experienced by a remote viewer and those students gained rough abilities to use remote viewing in testable conditions.

The video is long an academic, but stay for the ride, because from an occult point of view it is absolutely fascinating.


  1. Also, notice that the frequency he continues to repeat as being the key to remove viewing is 7 Hz. Wow, 7, we occultists have been throwing that number around for centuries. As an example see my post about a 7 day ritual working with the 7 Olympic spirits and their 7 Archangels. In fact the 7 pointed star crops up in kabbalah and alchemy all the time. Just a fun thing I noticed while he was talking.