Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Musings from the Olympian Spirits

Having just finished a seven day operation designed to petition each of the Olympian Spirits (or Olympick spirits according to the Arbatel), with another seven day follow up component ahead of me, I have a few observations about the Olympian Spirits themselves and about the Operation and its effects.

Firstly, medieval Grimoires seem to have one thing in common: inaccuracy. The repeated copying is probably to be blamed, but I have observed that the copying of sigils, pentacles, and even names seem to have been so sloppy or haphazard so that different copies have images and names that are almost nowhere near related to each other. Lets look at an example, related yet not exactly what I was dealing with:

This is the sigil for the Archangel Samael, found in the Heptameron:
Likewise, in another folio of the exact same book this is his sigil:
Notice some big differences?
Unfortunately it doesn't stop there. Names of spirits are so misspelled so as to make them unrecognizable, one particular section of the planetary spirit conjurations found in the Keys of Rabbi Solomon includes in a list of spirits which has a funny sounding little spirit named "Saday." Skinner and Ranike, in their Veritable Key of Solomon (seriously, pick this book up, you will not regret it) inform us that this is a poor translation of "Shaddai," as in El Shaddai, one of the holy name of the Hebrew God. That little translation issue would seem to turn the mighty El Shaddai to the funny little Saday.

But these kinds of translation and transliteration issues are common in the occult, and most occultists and magi are used to them. The key here is comparison, and being diligent about looking at multiple folios and even multiple grimoires.

But enough complaining, lets talk about the operation its-self.

I have taken a new approach to operations designed for specific purposes rather than for knowledge alone. It has seemed to me that my operations have lacked strength, and after much consideration i decided that they were short on focus and lacked the "all of myself" aspect that makes magick really kick.

My solution?
Working on the principle that anything I desire strong enough to summon forth masters of planetary bodies in order to make it happen aught to be needed on more levels tan just one. My desire needs to be a desire, a need, so deep that it echoes into every fiber of my consciousness and ripples into every realm around me.

So, how do you obtain a need through summoning Olympic spirits? Summon all the spirits and entreat them each for an aspect of your need that relates to their realm.

I'll give a full report of this operation at a future date, but the basics is that I performed an operation during the hour and day of each of the spirits over their seven days of rotation.

And already I have seen reflections of the final result begin to creep up during the week, and I expect the full culmination to happen after my follow up during this week.

The result?

Well firstly I am tired as hell. Hahaha.

Secondly, I am apparently now so well versed in Paleo-Hebrew script that I can spot mistakes in my pentacles before I finalize them and without any text near my to reference (PS: Always check your pre-planning BEFORE you enter your temple!).

Thirdly, I have noticed physical effects in my world. As an example. I woke up early to perform today's operation, grabbed my tools and went into my ritual room. When I returned after some heavy invocation (or evocation depending on your definition), I found that my computer was turned on entirely without my input (mine being the only one available as there is no one else here). Apparently I very much am required to post this before I will be allowed to nap after my operation. I get the hint spirits.

More later, but I'm happy to say that I am seeing indications of the operation working and I have found what I hope is the key to future operations.


  1. Interesting article, I agree summoning(s) can be tiresome. It's worse to be mentally afflicted by in-completion or what you've set out to do.

  2. My biggest worry was accidental incompetion. I was doing these all during the last planetary hour of that planet's day, which this week has been about 3am every night (3:01-4:08), and I was terrified that I'd fall asleep beforehand and wouldn't wake to my alarm or some other unforeseen issue would crop up. But thankfully (with heavy help from the Divine and my HGA I suppose) that wasn't an issue. :)

  3. Also,
    A shout out to "The #Occult Daily" for listing this post in their "stories" section.

  4. Success in the Arbatel is guaranteed providing you are pre-destined for this kind of art-as the author explicitly states. Those who are not destined for this art are simply wasting their time; and more worringly may put themselves in danger. As the scriptures confirm, God is only too capable of sending evil spirits to punish those who offend him.

    1. That is a bit disconcerting. It sounds so much like double talk. Very much "if it works than you were predestined to be able to do it, if not than you weren't and should avoid it." Magic(k) is a science and art. It requires dedication and focus, and like any other skill can be learned and developed. Though I agree that some are not predisposed to it, those who are not would not attempt it in the first place because want determines disposition to any skill that may be learned.

    2. Have you noticed that everyone who claims to have invoked/evoked the Olympic spirits-and there are quite a number on line-always use paraphernalia which is absent in the Arbatel text? Thus, they mention pentacles, magic circles, swords, and preliminary rites which are unknown in the Arbatel. It is clear that the essential things needed are FAITH and to be predestined for this art.

    3. amen mr keys, the world is in this distorted state not only because of being within the last days but also because no marks who think they can pick up so called magic books and try to evoke forces they couldn't possibly comprehend yet hate the creator of existance and word of GOD!! Take Godless souls like crowley author of divine works!!!?? what a fucking bunch of muppets, indeed as the LORD CHRIST stated faith in not only the most high but within the power of all the LORDS creation and authority thou will achieve nothing. More over those not born with spiritual authority will never succeed, only shame, corruption and lose of soul is guaranteed.

    4. Mr Keys,
      Usually that's because those tiols are listed in other grimoiric works and those who aproach the Arbatel are likely to have been previously trained in other forms of magic. I will agree (to an extent) that faith is the essential component, but only insomuch as faith is the willingness to put aside doubt and trust in the spiritual / divine.

      We've been in the "last days" for ages now. Christ said he would return during his apostles' lifetimes. Most practitioners of the art don't hate God, rather they believe that the Bible is an imperfect/inaccurate representation of the divine. Crowley didn't hate God, he was just critical of the biblical stories and preferred the Abramelin philosophy that in order to know the mind of God we must exalt ourselves to communicate with our own divine souls.
      Born with spiritual authority? I thought spiritual authority was granted by God, not a genetic birthright of the same value as recesive eye color or predisposition to diabetes.

      Are you both occultists? Do you practice these forms of magic? Or are you Christians preaching against magic? I'm finding it difficult to tell from your posts.

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